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The Hague, Netherlands
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Born in the Netherlands on the 5th of July, 1982 in The Hague. Danny Mendez is known by playing House music styles like: Afro/Latin House, Tech House, Progressive House and Dutch house. You also know Danny Mendez from different concepts like: WE LOVE 070, Exclusive, Kapsones, ADHD, Flair, Zondansdag, Dans Taveerne, DJ & Artists Travel, Rouge, Flame, RISE and Pump Up The Base, to name a few.

For 14 years now his passion has been playing as a DJ and creating tracks and remixes as a producer. Danny Mendez has performed in many various clubs from The Netherlands and europe. During the summer you can find Danny also at the biggest and various beach parties and other events.

Danny Mendez plays and remix the following styles:

- Afro/Latin House
- Tech House
- Progressive House
- Dutch House

Remix releases:

Remix request:


+31(6) 81 945 871

Danny Mendez also has occurred with: Quintino, Shermanology, Alvaro, Erick E, Roog, Lucien Foort, Sidney Samson, Skitzofrenix, Gregor Salto, Madskillzzz, Jeroenski, Michel de Hey, DJ Remy, Benny Royal, ONE2MNY, Dominique Base, Marvelous K , Manu Blanco, Sylvo, Jaxtr, Stevanovic, The Outsiders, MacLennan, Don Alexandro, Jeffers, Vinnie, Ziggy Stardust, DJ Matsoe Matsoe, Maroy, Just Me, Franklin Roderiques, Leon Benesty, Kid 'n Me, Pedro The Chever, Ashley Rock, Wood Nox, Rosh, Fabrie, Artistic Raw, Baggi Begovic, Jasper Clash, Rishi Bass, Glen Bright, Arthur van Dyk, Darkraver, Kid Kaio, Bjorn Know How, Rotero, MC Issy, Fettish Verdi, Basti Lourenz, Vato Gonzales and many more.
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