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cp05 conrad schnitzler & gregor schnitzler - conrad & sohn (1982)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 41.55 MB
cp16 zanagoria - insight modulation (1972)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 41.32 MB
cp32 jocy de oliveira - estorias para voz instrumentos acosticos e eletronicos ( zip 64.94 MB
cp40 pietro grossi - computer music 1 (1972 )(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 59.76 MB
cp41 pietro grossi - computer music 2(1972)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 61.86 MB
cp42 pietro grossi - buon natale 1967 e felice anno nuovo (1967)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 9.99 MB
cp43 bruno menny - cosmographie (1972)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 71.66 MB
cp44 university of melbourne electronic music (1973-1979)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 62.21 MB
cp45 steve birchall - reality gates (1973)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 50.80 MB
cp46 jon appleton & don cherry - human music (1970)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 54.14 MB
cp47 ruth white - flowers of evil (1969) (creel pone, 2006)).zip zip 72.27 MB
cp48 pythagoron - brings you to a different place (1977)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 79.48 MB
cp49 bernard bonnier - casse-tete (1979)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 62.65 MB
cp50 va - new zealand electronic music (1975)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 132.83 MB
cp51 va - new zealand electronic music (1975)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 131.57 MB
cp52 thorkell sigurbjörnsson - la jolla good friday i - ii(1981)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 82.63 MB
cp54 jürgen karg - elektronische mythen (1977)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 57.91 MB
cp55 nino nardini - musique pour le futur (1970)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 27.03 MB
cp56 creelpolation - vol. 1 (creel pone, 2006).zip zip 138.40 MB
cp57 creelpolation - vol. 2 (creel pone, 2006).zip zip 156.98 MB
cp58 creelpolation - vol. 3 (creel pone, 2006).zip zip 146.26 MB
cp59 keller, max e. & schwarzenlander - sozialistische musiker initiative (1977)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 99.28 MB
cp60 va - musiques de l'o.n.f. music of the n.f.b. CD1 (1977)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 96.94 MB
cp61 va - musiques de l'o.n.f. music of the n.f.b. CD2 (1977)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 110.00 MB
cp63 jacques lejeune - blanche neige (1975)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 95.00 MB
cp67 - andré almuro - musiques expérimentales (1969)(creel pone, 2007).zip zip 72.16 MB
cp73 christian clozier & jacques lejeune - perspectives musicales (1970)(creel pone, 2007).zip zip 63.94 MB
cp74 cecil leuter - spectacular stereo sounds (1971)(creel pone, 2007).zip zip 63.77 MB
cp75 denis smalley - the pulses of time (1981)(creel pone, 2007).zip zip 111.60 MB
cp76 va - czech electronic music studios (1974)(creel pone, 2007).zip zip 92.82 MB
cp77 professor emerson meyers - provocative electronics (1970)(creel pone 2007).zip zip 47.52 MB
cp79 heins hoffman-richter - music to freak your friends and break your lease (1974)(creel pone, 2007).zip zip 59.45 MB
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