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cp03 va - hungarian electronic music (1968-1976)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 81.81 MB
cp06 salvatore martirano - l's ga (1969) (creel pone, 2005).zip zip 74.85 MB
cp07 bent porenzen - electronic music (1987)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 69.21 MB
cp107 wlodzimierz kotonski - electronic & instrumental music (1974)(creel pone, 2010).zip zip 100.21 MB
cp122 dubravko detoni - avant garde (1974)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 66.85 MB
cp130 va - musica nueva latinamericano zip 94.20 MB
cp136 arnold aard - electro-sonnances (1980)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 62.95 MB
cp140 elektro musik studion - dokumentation 1-4 i (1965-1973)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 104.19 MB
cp142 jean-jacques perrey - prelude au sommeil (1958)(creel pone, 2012).zip zip 63.87 MB
cp143 electronic music by caron, perron, and dawson (1981)(creel pone, 2012).zip zip 64.39 MB
cp19 philippe arthuys - le crabe qui jouait avec la mer (1977)(creel poone, 2005).zip zip 50.91 MB
cp22 cellutron and the invisible - reflecting on the first watch (1978)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 44.91 MB
cp23 josef anton riedl - josef anton riedl (1972)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 84.12 MB
cp26 solmaz sporel_ilhan mimaroglu - parmak cocuk_gizmeli kedi (creel pone, 2005).zip zip 47.61 MB
cp29 svend christiansen & fuzzy - urvarte noir blau (1974)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 83.69 MB
cp32 jocy de oliveira - estorias para voz instrumentos acosticos e eletronicos ( zip 64.94 MB
cp33 pierre henry - cortical art_iii (1973)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 75.58 MB
cp35 luis de pablo - we nostros (1969)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 90.60 MB
cp39 va - electronic music - experimental studios in ... (1968)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 51.02 MB
cp45 steve birchall - reality gates (1973)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 50.80 MB
cp52 thorkell sigurbjörnsson - la jolla good friday i - ii(1981)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 82.63 MB
cp63 jacques lejeune - blanche neige (1975)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 95.00 MB
cp67 - andré almuro - musiques expérimentales (1969)(creel pone, 2007).zip zip 72.16 MB
cp77 professor emerson meyers - provocative electronics (1970)(creel pone 2007).zip zip 47.52 MB
cp80-81 nik pascal - the complete narco records recordings (1971-1975)(creel pone, 2007).zip zip 154.18 MB
cp83 lorq damon - journey to the land of forgotten dreams (1974)( zip 105.13 MB
cp84 nicolas schoffer - hommage a bartok (1979)(creel pone, 2007).zip zip 50.07 MB
cp85 lucien goethals & louis de meester - i.p.e.m. (1975)(creel pone, 2008).zip zip 68.38 MB
cp87 gunter maas - klangbilder (1969)(creel pone, 2008).zip zip 69.43 MB
cp89 grimssom & hauksson - islensk raftonlist_electronic music from iceland (1985)(creel pone, 2008).zip zip 57.85 MB
cp96 giuliano sorgini - elettroformule (19__)(creel pone 2009).zip zip 63.15 MB
cp97 andre almuro - l'envol-ambitus (1971)(creel pone, 2009).zip zip 104.55 MB
cp98 michael czajkowski - people the sky (1969)(creel pone, 2009).zip zip 90.73 MB
cp99 reinhold weber - elektronische + phonetische kompositionen (1974)(creel pone, 2009).zip zip 106.52 MB
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