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cp01 thomas hamilton - pieces for kohn (1975)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 74.51 MB
cp02 pierre henry - mise en musique du corticalart de roger lafosse (1971)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 69.70 MB
cp03 va - hungarian electronic music (1968-1976)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 81.81 MB
cp04 herbert eimert - epitaph für aikichi kuboyama (1963)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 68.91 MB
cp05 conrad schnitzler & gregor schnitzler - conrad & sohn (1982)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 41.55 MB
cp06 salvatore martirano - l's ga (1969) (creel pone, 2005).zip zip 74.85 MB
cp07 bent porenzen - electronic music (1987)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 69.21 MB
cp08 oskar sala & harald genzmer - electronique et stereophonie (1972)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 72.64 MB
cp09 reinhold weber - elektronische musik (1970)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 56.11 MB
cp10-11 - anthology of dutch electronic tape music v1 (1955-1966)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 185.37 MB
cp103 gil trythall - luxikon ii ~ echospace (1980) (creel pone).zip zip 47.01 MB
cp104 parmegiani & mestres quadreny - espaces sonores no 1 (1972)(creel pone, 2009).zip zip 93.07 MB
cp105 tom cameron - music to wash dishes by (1982)(creel pone, 2010).zip zip 88.09 MB
cp108 jonas palm - ze wormnest (1980)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 41.60 MB
cp109 romolo grano - musica elettronica 1 (1973)(creel pone, 2010).zip zip 63.82 MB
cp12 tod dockstader - recorded music for film... (1979)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 55.28 MB
cp120 juan blanco - contemporaneos 4 _ musica electroacústica (1979, 1986)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 172.28 MB
cp121 bulent arel & daria semegen ‎- electronic music for dance (1978)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 115.26 MB
cp123 vittorio gelmetti - organum quadruplum (1974)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 78.91 MB
cp124 giuseppe morrocchi - aaffluss raaffluss (1988)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 95.26 MB
cp125 umberto di grazia - dimensione sogno (1976)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 186.08 MB
cp127 vittorio marino - fugue of light (1979)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 48.31 MB
cp128 oskar sala - electronic virtuosity (1970)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 38.04 MB
cp129 lelo nazario - discurso aos objetos & balada unidimensional (1984)(creel pone, 2011).zip zip 33.02 MB
cp13 vaclav nelhybel - electronic music (1996)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 28.07 MB
cp14 va - carrefour - musique électro-acoustique (1969-1972)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 78.35 MB
cp147 dieter kaufmann - herbstpathetique_bildnis (1972)(creel pone, 2013).zip zip 56.09 MB
cp148 wilhelm zobl - andere die welt, sie braucht es (1973)(creel pone, 2013).zip zip 48.18 MB
cp15 edward m. zajda - independent electronic music composer (1968)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 94.88 MB
cp150-151 jean hoyoux - planetes (1981)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 125.24 MB
cp152 filipe pires - canto ecumenico, litania & homo sapiens (1980)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 110.89 MB
cp153 david cope - k weeds (1971)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 56.44 MB
cp154 ed herrmann - still life in concrete (imaginary electroacoustics)(1987)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 94.24 MB
cp155 klaus roder ‎- elektronische kompositionen 1976-1983 (1981)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 106.71 MB
cp156 andre stordeur - 18 days (1979)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 96.06 MB
cp157 jean-marc foussat - abattage (1983)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 45.23 MB
cp158 william hoskins - galactic fantasy_eastern reflections (1979)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 109.28 MB
cp159 hans otte - on earth (1979)(creel pone, 2014).zip zip 97.33 MB
cp16 zanagoria - insight modulation (1972)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 41.32 MB
cp160-161 anna ricci interpreta obras de andres lewin-richter (creel pone, 2014).zip zip 120.83 MB
cp17 va - iowa ear music (1976)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 95.82 MB
cp18 the inside of the outside - who are they... (1965)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 46.56 MB
cp20-21 va - anthology of dutch electronic tape music v2 (1966-1977)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 130.86 MB
cp22 cellutron and the invisible - reflecting on the first watch (1978)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 44.91 MB
cp23 josef anton riedl - josef anton riedl (1972)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 84.12 MB
cp24 warren jepsom - totentanz (1972)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 82.29 MB
cp25 matsuo ono & takeisha kosugi - roots of electronic sound (1963-1966)(creel pone, 2005).zip zip 57.32 MB
cp26 solmaz sporel_ilhan mimaroglu - parmak cocuk_gizmeli kedi (creel pone, 2005).zip zip 47.61 MB
cp27 morris knight - after guernica (1962-1969)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 77.77 MB
cp28 gil mellé - the andromeda strain (original electronic soundtrack 1971)(creel pone, 2006).zip zip 43.01 MB
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