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A lot of our users asked for a tool which would give them the chance to upload files without using a web browser. Responding to that need we would like to introduce our uploader application.

No installation needed - Our uploader is a single .EXE application.
Simple and intuitive GUI
Easy file upload - Drag and drop files which You want to upload. No more painful adding of files one by one.
Automatic file splitting - Added in case of file size exceeding 500MB.
Neat progress bars - keep track of Your upload progress.
Report generator - After the upload process a .TXT file is generated containing links to the uploaded files. No more missing upload links.
Auto-update function - Your application is always kept up to date so You don't need to check manually for updates.

ZippyUploader change log:

Version (08.05.2018):
- Fixed many bugs after Zippyshare migration to HTTPS/SSL protocol

Version (03.12.2017):
- Added support for 500MB upload/files

Version (09.08.2011):
- Added support for user accounts

Version (24.03.2010):
- Added support for 200MB upload/files

Version (03.03.2010):
- Added support for private uploads

Version (01.03.2010):
- Added support for new beta script

Version (12.01.2010):
- Fixed bug with saving file names in results tab

Version (28.10.2009):
- Fixed bug in upload progress bar
- Fixed some minor bugs

Version (28.10.2009):
- Added automatic file splitting function

Version (08.10.2009):
- Fixed some minor bugs
- Upload canceling now works immediately

Version (29.09.2009):
- Upload results tab added

Version - (27.09.2009):
- Fixed few interface bugs

Version (26.09.2009):
- Added drag-and-drop function

Version (22.09.2009):
- Added auto-update feature
- Improved the report generator

Version (17.09.2009):
- First version of ZippyUploader

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